Building Tradesman Article

April 3, 2020


April’s union meeting will be CANCELLED.

Notice: Local 333 will be considering the final phase of the Hall remodel at the March meeting. The proposed remodel will include a new Veterans Memorial Wall at the front entrance of the Hall. In preparation for such a tribute, I am asking that all Veterans from Local 333 call Debra at the Lansing Hall at 517-393-5480 and give her your name, military branch and years of service. If you know of a deceased member who was a Veteran, please help us with whatever information you may have. Thank you for your time and your service.

If you’re interested in taking any classes please sign up at or call Trent or Diana at 517-323-0333.

PLEASE NOTE FOR ALL CERTIFICATIONS: Per the UA, as of January 2019, all Braze and Weld Certifications shall be updated within 120 days of their expiration date, or you will lose your certifications. Check the date(s) of your Certifications, if they have expired please contact Diana at 517.323.0333. Though we send out everyone’s continuities to be renewed; between contractors, changes in addresses and the Post Office, there is plenty of room for error. Ultimately it is the member’s responsibility to make sure their certification(s) are current and updated.

Weld Test (Second Tuesday of the Month) Weld Test are scheduled each month. (Unless lack of participants)

If your Med-Gas Installer is going to expire within the next few months please sign up on our website to take the renewal class.

Med-Gas new certification: Please sign up online on our website or contact the training center.

Lansing Board of Water & Light Powerhouse: All members must have their 18 MUST modules and a current drug test on file to get on site. Please call your Business Agent if you need assistance.

Foreman: Any journey member interested in Foreman opportunities please call your Business Agent. We have plenty of opportunities available.

Short sleeve, long sleeve and sweatshirts are available in all three regions.