Building Tradesman

August 21, 2020

September’s union meeting is CANCELLED.

Please note: Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, scholarship award checks will be mailed directly to the recipients from Comerica Bank. If your applicant has not received his/her check by September 1, 2020 please contact Joni immediately at 517-784-1106.

Weld Classes will start up in September.

If you’re interested in taking the weld class please sign up at or call Trent or Diana at 517-323-0333. There is a $25.00 fee, please call your respective hall to pay for the class.

Lansing: September 1st (Tuesday’s & Thursday’s) Lansing Training Center, 16180 National Parkway, Lansing, MI. 48906.

Jackson: September 1st (Tuesday’s & Thursday’s) 3101 Industrial Allied Dr. Jackson, MI. 49201.

Battle Creek: September 14th (Monday’s & Thursday’s) (KCC) RMTC, 405 Hill Brady Rd. Battle Creek, MI. 49037.

Weld Tests are the second Tuesday of each month beginning September 8th at 4:00 at the Lansing Training Center.

PLEASE NOTE FOR ALL CERTIFICATIONS: Per the UA, as of January 2019, all Braze and Weld Certifications shall be updated within 120 days of their expiration date, or you will lose your certifications. Check the date(s) of your Certifications, if they have expired please contact Diana at 517.323.0333. Though we send out everyone’s continuities to be renewed; between changes in addresses and the Post Office, there is plenty of room for error. Ultimately it is the member’s responsibility to make sure their certification(s) are current and updated.

If your Med-Gas Installer is going to expire within the next few months please sign up on our website to take the renewal class.

Med-Gas new certification: Please sign up online on our website or contact the training center.

Long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts available. Long sleeve are $25. Short sleeve tees are $20. We have a large assortment of colors and sizes.

Deepest sympathy to Mrs. Sally Ingersoll on the loss of her husband Jackson member Robert Ingersoll who passed away July 27, 2020. Our thoughts and prayers are with you your family and friends during this sorrowful time.

Our sincere condolences to Robert C. Whitaker on the loss of his lovely wife of 67 years Mildred “Millie” Whitaker who passed away August 10, 2020. We wish to extend our condolences to her sons Robert D. Whitaker, Daniel Whitaker of Local 333, and her grandson Joshua Whitaker. Our prayers are with you and your families.